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BMW Z4 Enhancement
The owner of this BMW was looking to sell the car and wanted to bring back the shine to the bodywork. In the past he had used hand car washes to clean the car, but the poor wash methods used had left the paintwork looking dull and in sunlight swirls or 'cobwebs' visible.

The exterior was washed, the bodywork and wheels were de-tared, clay was then used on the bodywork to remove bonded contaminents from the paintwork and then machine polished to reduce the swirls and bring the shine back to the bodywork. A quality wax, Dodo Juice Rain Forest Rub, which is specially formulated for dark coloured paintwork, was then applied to the bodywork to help protect the paint. It had started to rain when the customer came to collect the car. The wax protection can be seen by the rain water beading on the paintwork.

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