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Specialist Valeting Services
I offer a number of specialist services including industrial fall out removal, biological cleaning/deodouriser and convertible hood cleaning and re-proofing.

Industrial Fall Removal

Many cars suffer from industrial fallout, rub the back of your hand over a panel on your car and the paintwork will probably feel rough to the touch. Whilst normal valeting will make the paintwork look shiny, it won't remove the fallout. The fallout will start to oxidise and small brown pin pricks will become evident on the paintwork.

I can safely remove the fall out from paintwork and alloy wheels. Please call me on 07966 754541 to discuss your requirements.

Convertible roof cleaning and re-proofing

In time, a soft top roof will start to attract moss, mildew and mould and detract from the cars overall appearance. I can thoroughly clean the roof and re-proof, to ensure it is waterproof and looking it's best again.

Biological Cleaning and Deodouriser

Accidents happen, it's a fact of live. Normal shampooing may clean up the mess, however it won't deep clean and deodourise the interior. I use a number of products to safely remove biological soiling's and odour's including milk, animal smells, blood, urine and vomit.

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