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Ferrari 360 Spider Enhancement
Having purchased the car several months ago, as a replacement for the Ferrari 360 that I had previously carried out a bespoke valet on, the owner had spent considerable time in getting the car to its current condition mechanically and wanted to make sure the rest of the car was in top condition, in anticipation of attending his annual club meet.

On arrival the paintwork was to seen to be in good condition, it had been fully re-sprayed a year before in stunning Bianco Fuji white. The car was was pre- foamed and then washed, the wheels were thoroughly cleaned using non-acidic wheel cleaner. The convertible roof was also thoroughly cleaned, dried and then re-waterproofed. A light stage one polish enhancement was carried out followed by the application of two layers of Dodo Juice Light Fantastic wax, a carnauba based wax especially formulated for light coloured cars. The wheels, genuine Ferrari Challenge Stradale items had two layers of sealant applied, to protect them from brake dust, road salt etc. The owner had pointed out that the headlights were showing signs of swirling or marring, this is usually caused by a poor washing or drying methods. It was decided to polish the headlights to remove or reduce the swirls visible. The interior was given a thorough clean and the leather was also treated. Attention to detail include removing several switches to ensure a proper clean was carried out. The mesh behind the seats was also removed and thoroughly cleaned and dried, before being refitted. The engine bay was then cleaned, dried and dressed, to ensure it was looking it's best.

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