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Winter Wax Protection
Winter roads can be unforgiving to paintwork and alloy wheels. That's why we offer a Winter Wax Protection package which will help keep your car looking its best and help retain its value. We use a combination of a sealant, topped off with a layer of extremely durable wax which will last for upto six months on your paintwork, a wheel sealant to help protect your expensive alloys and a glass sealant to car windows.

The winter wax protection valet consists of the following multi-step process:

• Apply a cleaning foam to the vehicle and leave it to dwell for five minutes
• Rinse the vehicle
• Wash the vehicle and rinse
• Remove tar spots from sills and bumpers
• Use a claybar to remove bonded contaminants
• Wash the vehicle again and rinse
• Dry the vehicle
• Polish and buff glass and apply sealant
• Apply paintwork cleanser to bodywork and buff off residue
• Apply sealant to the bodywork and buff off residue
• Apply a layer of Doublecoat wax, buff and remove residue
• Apply wheel sealant to wheels, buff and remove residue
• Dress tyres

Prices start from £80.

Time taken: 4-8 hours

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