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Premier Valet
A popular valet for owners of cars that are a couple of years old and have maybe lost their initial shine. This valet will rejuvinate tired and oxidised paintwork, bringing it back to looking its best.

To book your Premier valet, please call 07966 754541 or email

• Interior and boot vacuumed
• Floor mats removed and shampooed
• Seats and carpets shampooed/steam cleaned
• Headlining cleaned
• Dashboard and interior plastics wiped down
• Wheels cleaned with non-acidic wheel cleaner
• Bodywork de-tarred
• Bodywork foamed with citrus pre-cleaner and rinsed
• Wheelarches foamed and rinsed
• Bodywork clayed to remove bonded contaminent's that washing alone want remove
• Bodywork washed and rinsed
• Doorshut's cleaned and polished by hand
• Bodywork towel dried
• Pre-wax paint cleanser applied
• Bodywork machine polished using a dual action rotary machine
• Wax applied
• Wheel sealant applied
• Interior and exterior windows cleaned
• Exterior plastics and tyres dressed
• Exterior metal work polished

Time taken: approx 6-8 hours

Prices: From £100 to £145, depending on size of vehicle.
Small £100: Ford Fiesta, Fiat 500, Mercedes A Class, Peugeot 207 etc.

Medium £115: Audi A3, BMW 1 & 3 Series, Ford Focus, Mercedes C and CLC Class, Volvo C30 etc.

Large £130: BMW X3 and 5 Series, Mercedes E Class, Ford S-Max, Jaguar S Type, Vauxhall Zafira etc

Extra Large £145: BMW X5 and 7 Series, Mercedes ML and S Class, Ford Galaxy/VW Sharan, Jaguar XK, XJ and XF etc

To book your Premier valet call MP Valeting on 07966 754541 or email

Please note: Mobile car valeting prices are based on cars in average condition and reflect the time taken. Valeting heavily soiled vehicles, removals of pets' hair, vomit removal, paint spots, flooding etc may take longer, and as a result may incur further costs. We reserve the right to amend all valeting prices on inspection.

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